Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Petrillo Power

So, I have to mention the incredible amount of e-mails/texts/MySpace and Facebook messages that I got about Estelles' death. You really would've thought I was related to her, or at least worked at Shady Pines for a summer or two. Anyway, thanks to everyone who wrote to me. That is except for the person who wrote " least it wasn't Bea."


In other big Hollywood news, Christian Bale, batter known as Batman, apparently assaulted his mother and sister. Strange, I could've sworn that Batman's mother was murdered alongside his father in a back alley after a night at the theater many years ago.

Hurricane Dolly is hitting Texas as we speak. Why do I have a feeling that President George will have the National Guard prepared a little more quickly for this one than Hurricane Katrina?

We're getting closer to the new version of Rubinville. The project has been delayed a couple times mostly because of the rising prices of raw materials and crude oil. However, the federal government has decided to help us out a bit and I think we'll be up by the end of the week.

Bagel time for Dave...

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