Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama's World Tour

Obama continues his world tour today as he meets French President Nicolas Sarkozy in France. The picture above is from yesterday in Berlin, Germany, as he spoke to an estimated 200,000 people. Now, if memory serves, the last time a guy spoke to so many people like that in Germany it didn't work out so well. Picture it, Germany, 1939...

If you didn't get the Sophia reference there, then you probably won't care about Sophia Petrillo Marathon on Lifetime today starting at noon. It kicks of with The Golden Girls pilot and will include such classics as when Sophia gets married to her old friend Max, when her sister Angela tries to steal her boyfriend, and when she becomes a nun. Great stuff, indeed.

Oh, back to Obama for a second. So he's touring all over the place, meeting with leaders and giving speeches to hundreds of thousands. Can someone remind me, is he running for President of the United States of America, or President of the Earth? I'm all for change, but this might be a bit much.

Nancy Lieberman, all 50 years of her, played basketball last night in the WNBA for the Detroit Shock. Though she went scoreless in 9 minutes of action, she did have three hot-flashes.

(Yea, that's one of those I could've done more with.)

Will Ferrell's new movie, Step Brothers comes out today. I feel as if he's already made this movie at least four times.

The International Olympic Committee has announced that Iraq will be disqualified from the games for "government interference." I'm not sure that was what President George meant when he said that the Iraqi government has to step up. I guess it's just nice to see them doing something, though.

Alright, gotta do some stuff before the big Sophia afternoon...

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