Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dog Eat Dog World

That is Charley, my sister's Pomeranian who I was gonna dog-sit for three weeks. I say "gonna" because Charley spent all day barking, which caused another dog in the building to spend the day barking, which caused me to send Charley packing. I wish it would've worked out, but I guess I can't dog-sit until I live in a castle where nobody will be irritated by such things.

Ironically, I had to let Charley go on the same day that it was announced that real-estate mogul Leona Helmsley has left billions of dollars of her estate for the care of dogs. If only I could;ve gotten some of that money earlier I would've bought said castle and this whole thing would've worked out. Timing truly is everything.

Alright, I'm meeting A-Rod and Madonna at her apartment. Will be back this afternoon...

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