Friday, June 27, 2008

The Never Ending Story

I have to say what a sign of the times my 32nd birthday was. Allow me to break it down...

About 40 Facebook "wall" posts or messages.

Roughly 20 MySpace messages.

13 regular e-mails.

7 comments here on Rubinville.

5 phone calls.

3 e-cards.

1 regular card mailed via the US Postal Service.

1 gift from my Amazon Wish List (Thank you Barry).

1 cupcake party via the great Here! staff.

If that doesn't all add up to a 2008 birthday, I don't know what does. And I wanna thank all of you who took the 5-10 seconds out of your day to make mine a little brighter!

I also wanna thank Andy, who drew that awesome picture of me riding Falcor. If you didn't immediately recognized the animal I am riding as Falcor you MUST go out and rent Never Ending Story right this very moment.

And please no "animal I am riding jokes" unless they are very clever.

Alright, gotta hit the gym and work off the big birthday dinner. Maybe I'll check in later...

1 comment:

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