Thursday, June 05, 2008

Alright, nice and early today, here is the strangest combination reviews ever written in one piece.

Seinfeld was absolutely brilliant. I've been on shows a couple times that he just stopped in and did a set, but to see him in front of a couple thousand people, being totally masterful, was just amazing. With all this other good stuff I have going on lately, I've been needing an inspiration as far as stand-up, and he totally delivered. Every word, pause and inflection in his voice has pinpoint precision. He also did much more personal stuff than usual, talking about being a husband and father. I left the show knowing I have much work to do.

Sex and the City was one an quite a New York experience. We went opening night and the line was literally out of the theater with throng of girls dressed like prostitutes. Now, I admit that I once wore a Darth Vader costume to a Star Wars premiere, but somehow that seems less weird to me than all these girls pretending to be hookers to see a movie. As for the movie written by gay guys all about straight girls, it had its moments though I'm sure it broke up several thousand perfectly good relationships that night.

Oh, and the slut, whatever her name is, is the best character.

The NBA Finals begin tonight and I'm going with the Lakers in 7 games. I'll also predict that he is gonna hit a game winning jumper in game 7, much like Michael Jordan in 1998 against Utah.

Indiana Jones and The Unnecessary Special Effects, was just that. The movie felt old and tired, which they tried to makeup for by adding CGI animation and aliens that Speilberg just plucked out of any of his other movies. Harrison Ford was absolutely exhausted at times, and since when is Indy just a grumpy bastard? Oh, and the scene and when they all fell into the waterfall and then came out completely dry? C'mon people, they couldn't have all been wearing Dockers!

I should also say something about Obama, Hillary and the Quest for a Vice-President. Basically, I think there is no chance in hell that he will offer her the VP spot because he'd worry that she would constantly be undermining him. You know, much like how Starscream was always trying to usurp Megatron's power and become the new leader of the Decepticons.

Ya, see if anyone on CNN has that kind of insight. Take that Anderson Cooper!

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