Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just dropped Emma off at the vet for her tooth extraction. I had snapped a pic of her relaxing right before we left but for some reason it won't post, so we are doing this old-school, otherwise known as picless.

It was a little weird dropping her off there and then knowing I'm not gonna see her for a few hours but I guess this is what being a pet owner/uncle is all about.*

*I consider myself more of an uncle to her than father, cuz if I was her father it would imply that I had sex with a female dog, which obviously I haven't. By saying I'm her uncle it implies that my sister had sex with a male dog, and frankly, I'm much more comfortable with that idea.

John Edwards finally endorsed Obama yesterday after months of waiting on the sidelines. I don't really think that endorsements mean that much but that guy really does have great hair. If I had hair like that I'd spend 500 bucks per cut, too.

Ok, this is when I'd normally walk Emma, but since she's gone for a few hours I guess I'll just put the leash around my neck and walk myself...

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