Friday, April 11, 2008

And now the answer to the great egg debate.

First, let me say that a few of you made very logical and/or funny choices. The answer, however, is that I had a 3 egg omlette (2 egg whites) with some Mexican shredded cheese. What is Mexican cheese you ask? I'm not sure, but its got a couple different cheeses in it, and I assume it was packaged by a Mexican.

General Electric has posted a 6 percent drop in first-quarter profit which is leading many to say that consumer confidence is at a 26-year low. Seems about right to me, I mean 26 years ago when I was five I had no trouble buying He-Man figures, and now I wouldn't even know where to find one. That kind of lack of confidence is staggering.

Ok, I'm off to do various egg and He-Man related things, have a nice weekend...

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