Monday, November 05, 2007

Some shit is going down in Pakistan and once again the US is getting involved. I have three words of advice for George when dealing with any country in this part of the world..."cut and run."

Of course, George won't listen to my advice, cuz he thinks that we gotta spread democracy all over the place. Unfortunately, generally guys who take power in a military coup (like Pervez Musharaaf, pictured above), aren't huge fans of freedom and democracy and all that good stuff. That sure won't stop good, old crazy George from trying, though.

For those of you who have been over to the Drudge Report today, you might have noticed that the front headline says, "Rubin to the Rescue." Strangely, the article is about some guy named Robert E. Rubin, and not yours truly. I guess that girl that I gave the Heimlich maneuver to yesterday never called it in.

Hollywood writers are on strike as of this morning. And the world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Actually, I think Rubinville's cache doubles each day that you can't watch such wonderful shows as "Gossip Girl" and "Mind of Mencia."

Seriously though, I know a zillion people who would love to write for a legit show, so I think that these people should just shut up and get back to work.

Now excuse me, I have to take my morning nap...

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