Thursday, October 18, 2007

For reasons that I can't explain, I found myself watching GWB's press conference at the White House yesterday. As always he talked about freedom, democracy and all that stuff that he likes to think has something to do with why we are nation building in the Middle-East. While I've heard it all before, I did have a revelation during this particular speech. I can no longer refer to GWB as "President Bush." His seeming lack of understanding of international politics, coupled with his disdain of the free press and his evil little grin are just too much. So, for now on, I will only refer to him as George. Not George W., not George Bush, just George. Cuz really that's all he is. Just some guy named George that somehow ended up in as the President.

Moving on from a guy named George to a guy who wants his job, Sam Brownback has officially thrown in the towel of his presidential campaign. I'd write more about him, but it'd be ashame if the guy had more written about him after he quit.

Been playing basketball on Wednesday nights at a gym down by Union Square. Dare I say I'm playing the best of my life. I've got this new spin-move, ala Vince Carter 2004. Conversely, I have the dunking skills of Vince Carter 2033.

Just read that George is warning of World War III. This guy is just kooky...

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